‘Butterfly: Una Transformacion’ is La Espiritista’s first collection of poetry with illustrations by Nur Shojai.  It is expected to be self-published and released in May 2019. The book is invested in the healing arts and is committed to creating messages of radical self-love, faith, and healing,  especially for those in trans, queer, and poc communities.

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La Espiritista (They/Them/Theirs pronouns) is the co-founder of “Share the Spirit,” a small healing arts business that helps individuals clear limiting beliefs, heal energetic wounds, and open creative channels. They are the author of “Butterfly: Una Transformacion,” a spiritual collection of poetry which speaks about the process of inner transformation through four phases of metamorphosis: release. renewal. retreat. rebirth. Through their poetry they explore a variety of themes ranging from healing, self-love, sexuality, faith, gender expression, trauma, reclamation.

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