“Trust the still timid voice within your soul to move and,
Manifest mountains from the spine on your back,
Make a runway of the sea,
Mark volcanic eruption across your land”

The card I drew for the week is “Self-Employment” from my Butterfly deck and there are a few messages arising from this one-despite one contemplating or already engaged in their own self-employment.
Self-Employment is about taking complete ownership of yourself. This could be in the form of making the decision to work for yourself in the capacity which is best suited for you. It could also mean choosing a job which is aligned with your ideals and values in a holistic manner. This means beginning to embody work which doesn’t only bring income and financial stability, but also an equal amount of joy and fulfillment.


One huge message self-employment is trying to send is that before employment comes the self-
Is this self being taken care as a wholesome being in your current work environment?
Is this self excited to engage at the tasks at hand during their work day?
Is this self committed on building a plan of long-term sustainability which is holistic within their current employment?


These are only a few questions to reflect on, but the truth about self-employment is that it is an aspect of the self which is deeply integrated with the idea of self-care, self-love, self-respect, and basically all the “self- things” there are.


The truth is many of us are being depleted of our ability to fully practice self-care, self-love, and self-respect without having access to employment which can provide financial independence, stability, sustainability, and flow while ALSO providing us with the joy, nourishment, and protection that we need.


Self-Employment is about loving yourself enough to be the captain of your own ship.
It is about figuring out how you like to be cared for and demanding no less than that. It is about discovering what it is you love to embody, witness, and engage in, and making sure most of your time is allocated to those tasks while also receiving financial compensation for it. It is about taking pride at what you are naturally gifted at and being gracious enough to take the invitation to cultivate a way to spend most of your time sharing this gift.


Self-Employment encourages you to heal by creating a work-space where you can be your whole true self.


There is an opportunity within self-employment which allows you to pursue your true purpose and express it in exactly the way your soul needs you to do so. Expression can be hugely regulated and suppressed in work environments which aren’t your own. The spirit is tamed down whether that be expressing your unique spiritual identity, gender identity, cultural upbringing, etc.
Expression is connected to joy and fulfillment and is absolutely needed to cultivate an environment of belonging and enrichment in one’s work.
Expression is connected to your sense of safety and your ability to be in your natural state(s). If this is being suppressed it can affect health overall in the long run.
Expression is connected to freedom, and aren’t we all suppose to be free to choose the work which is most enriching, loving, and prosperous for us?


Self-Employment is about finding out what WORKS for YOU and not the other way around.
It is a door to liberation, and you are the key which must unlock it.


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