La Espiritista stares with confidence and intention straight into the camera. They are among a variety of different dark green plants that appear to be supporting their presence. They wear their flowing gown clothing that contains many different colors ranging from maroon, pink, turquoise, black, and white. On their wrists they have silver, gold, and black metallic bracelets. They wear tigers eye earrings made from descendants of indigenous people from the Andes Mountains. A huge turquoise necklace hangs on their neck as well
La Espiritista stares into the camera with a huge grin on their face as they sit on a roof outside. They have their makeup done with a stunning blue lip stick look. They wear a brown shirt, black leggings, a silver chained necklace, and alternating beads of blue and beige.
Neptune 2_Credit Christine Mitchell
Neptune 3_Credit Christine Mitchell
Neptune 4_Credit Christine Mitchell
La Espiritista has a blue morpho butterfly painted on the right side of their face. They smile and have a ocean scenery behind them
La Espiritista has a wholesome smile with their hands directly in front of them, palm-up with their precious crystals. They are among many deep green plants and pink flowers surrounding their entire being. They wear a multi-colored flowing shirt with alternating colors of pink, maroon, turquoise, white. There is a huge turquoise crystal being worn around their neck

La Espiritista (They/Them/Theirs pronouns) is a writer, performance artist, and healer based out of Seattle, WA (occupied Duwamish land). They are a co-founder of “Share the Spirit,” a small healing arts business that helps individuals clear limiting beliefs, heal energetic wounds, and open creative channels. They are the author of “Butterfly: Una Transformacion,” a spiritual collection of poetic prayer which speaks about the process of inner transformation through four phases of metamorphosis: release. renewal. retreat. rebirth. Their art is a manifestation of their exploration of queer spirituality.

They were born and raised in New Jersey with a mixed Peruvian and Cuban heritage. From a young age, they had a deep connection to spirit, but also embraced their queerness and gender fluidity. There wasn’t space for them to express their holistic self due to the constraints of most organized faiths. Their experience of religious trauma has led them to a path of healing and integration of the whole being. Through their work, they explore a variety of themes ranging from healing, self-love, sexuality, faith, gender expression, trauma, reclamation.

La Espiritista has performed nationally and internationally in venues such as Seattle Poetry Slam, Nuyorican Poets Café, Highline College, Vancouver B.C. Red Gate’s Art Society, UC Davis,  Evergreen State College, Colby College, and more.