Rebirth: Emerge Into Your Being

Coming out is a concept which has been foreign for me. For as long as I can remember, I always just was. I didn’t try to compartmentalize my experience into what someone else thought I should be. When I realized I was attracted to women as an assigned female at birth person, I simply flowed with it. When I realized I was not female, but genderfluid-I flowed with that truth as well. When I realized I was two-spirit, I stepped forward into that truth.

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Renewal: Cleansing Waters

Renewal is the second phase for my book “Butterfly: Una Transformacion.” This phase is dedicated to Oshun because we begin to see life with brand new eyes for the first time. We come into our sensuality. We come into our sexuality. We come into our spirituality. We see how connected all three really are. We feel how connected each of us who share space in this interconnected web in the universe are as well.

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Release: The Keyholder

In the beginning there is always a door.

This door is the medium between all realities. It is the point where every intersection which has ever existed meets. This door represents knowledge beyond what we contain, a potential greater than what we have ever known. It is the bridge between the here and now, and what can be. It is the crossroads we are continuously coming across which pushes us to choose a direction.

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