Sentimental Feelings

“Petals fall,
And bark peels,
And dandelions sprout seeds
All around
where you kneel
While nature blooms right
where you stand
engraved onto the land.
Watch the leaves change color
this time around
Breathe the pollinated air
And rub it into the ground.
Feel the seasons transform on the tip
of your tongue.” -Sentimental Feelings

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“Love is balance. Amor es paciencia. Love is Kind. Amor es amiable. Love is Vulnerability. Amor es Humano. Love is feeling through the pain. Amor es a aparecer. Love is layers. Amor es entero. Love is being. Amor es destruccion. Amor es creacion. Amor es Presente Presente Presente. Estamos Presente. Amor es una invitacion. Love is receptive. Love is tamed Love is wild love is liberating love is free Love is joy love is grief. Love is essence, it is spirit, it is life. Love is repetition. Love is always beating again and again Love is our natural rhythm. Thumping loud and proud against our chests. Love is the Universal Heartbeat that unites us all; the calling that beckons us to create Una Nuova Familia; Una Communidad en Unidad. Love is our PULSE.” –excerpt from Estamos Unidos by La Espiritista

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