Natures Calling

“Love is the Willow Tree. It is the rain she calls forth to bring cleansing to all living beings. It is the protection and nurturing wisdom she holds at the core of her foundation. It is the roots she digs deep into Mother Earth to create a solid grounding. It is the ancestral knowledge she provides to make sure we begin to do our own work to bring our body, mind, spirit aligned. It is the exploration of our full truths in all their colors; it is the messy and limited parts of ourselves. It is the vibrant and expendable parts; it is the autumn leaves that transform and accept the lesson of free range. It is the prosperous green that spring trees beckon flower petals to dance to. A renewal from cold to warmth, a renewal of restful lullaby to song that speeds your heart rate.” – excerpt from Estamos Unidos

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“Love is the riverbed. It is the ebb and flow we must allow ourselves to lay in. The deepness we must jump headfirst into, the darkness we must explore to emerge with our own true refuge of richness. It is the jagged rocks along the way we must overcome, breakthrough, return anew. It is the healing of past wounds. The willingness to engage the pain for beauty to emerge. A remembrance that life is a lesson about integration; that we must integrate our shadow parts to achieve equilibrium again.” -excerpt from Estamos Unidos

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“Love is a cycle. It is the beginning, middle, and end. It is a Full Moon reigning in her most robust state. It is Half Moon–a symbol of abundance not deficiency. It is Quarter Moon the size of a fingernail guiding us in the direction of our personal journeys. It is New Moon restarting the phases again and again and again. A realization that there is no need to worry over lack because we shall become full again.” –excerpt from Estamos Unidos Read more “Oya”



“Love is the ocean. It is the tides rushing to shore for safety in each individual grain of sand. It is the individual who dares to ride each tidal wave. It is the openness and width the ocean signifies. A space big enough for all her children to challenge, learn, and grow from each other. It is a nourishing blanket meant to revive the breath of every being who has sunk, but then has risen between the waves. A reclamation of power; the faith that she will carry us home again.”excerpt from performance piece Estamos Unidos

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