3D Book Cover Transparent Final

‘Butterfly: Una Transformacion’ is La Espiritista’s first collection of poetic prayer with illustrations by Nur Shojai.  It is expected to be self-published and released in May 2019. The book is invested in the healing arts and is committed to creating messages of radical self-love, faith, and healing,  especially for those in trans, queer, and poc communities.

‘Butterfly: Una Transformacion’ is about integration of past, present, and future, dark and light, masculine and feminine, spirituality and sexuality, and all in between. The book is divided into four chapters representing the four phases of metamorphosis. Each phase speaks about a distinct stage in the transformation process. Releasing old wounds. Renewing loving joy. Retreating into our darkest selves. Rebirthing into a new being. Butterfly: Una Transformacion takes readers through a journey of the natural cycle of life and the gifts that can ultimately arise through death.


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