Rebirth: Emerge Into Your Being

Coming out is a concept which has been foreign for me. For as long as I can remember, I always just was. I didn’t try to compartmentalize my experience into what someone else thought I should be. When I realized I was attracted to women as an assigned female at birth person, I simply flowed with it. When I realized I was not female, but genderfluid-I flowed with that truth as well. When I realized I was two-spirit, I stepped forward into that truth.

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“Love is the riverbed. It is the ebb and flow we must allow ourselves to lay in. The deepness we must jump headfirst into, the darkness we must explore to emerge with our own true refuge of richness. It is the jagged rocks along the way we must overcome, breakthrough, return anew. It is the healing of past wounds. The willingness to engage the pain for beauty to emerge. A remembrance that life is a lesson about integration; that we must integrate our shadow parts to achieve equilibrium again.” -excerpt from Estamos Unidos

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