Release: Divine Timing

Timing– “No one has the obligation to wait for you, but at the same time you do not have an obligation to rush for them. Push false narratives aside and choose to listen to your truth. They will come, those who will take you as you are, without any judgement of your pace.”

~La Espiritista

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Release: The Keyholder

In the beginning there is always a door.

This door is the medium between all realities. It is the point where every intersection which has ever existed meets. This door represents knowledge beyond what we contain, a potential greater than what we have ever known. It is the bridge between the here and now, and what can be. It is the crossroads we are continuously coming across which pushes us to choose a direction.

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Release: Trust Your Inner Guide

“Nothing is as valuable as the visions you command to truth, or the power you activate when owning your vulnerability. Nothing is as valuable as the sky you paint gold from day-long dreams, or the free-fall you catch along the night’s seams. Nothing is as valuable as the choices you make for your highest good despite what they think” ~La Espiritista

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“Love is balance. Amor es paciencia. Love is Kind. Amor es amiable. Love is Vulnerability. Amor es Humano. Love is feeling through the pain. Amor es a aparecer. Love is layers. Amor es entero. Love is being. Amor es destruccion. Amor es creacion. Amor es Presente Presente Presente. Estamos Presente. Amor es una invitacion. Love is receptive. Love is tamed Love is wild love is liberating love is free Love is joy love is grief. Love is essence, it is spirit, it is life. Love is repetition. Love is always beating again and again Love is our natural rhythm. Thumping loud and proud against our chests. Love is the Universal Heartbeat that unites us all; the calling that beckons us to create Una Nuova Familia; Una Communidad en Unidad. Love is our PULSE.” –excerpt from Estamos Unidos by La Espiritista

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“Love is the ocean. It is the tides rushing to shore for safety in each individual grain of sand. It is the individual who dares to ride each tidal wave. It is the openness and width the ocean signifies. A space big enough for all her children to challenge, learn, and grow from each other. It is a nourishing blanket meant to revive the breath of every being who has sunk, but then has risen between the waves. A reclamation of power; the faith that she will carry us home again.”excerpt from performance piece Estamos Unidos

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