Altar Prayer Ritual Service


Open to folks of all walks of life, and centering, but not exclusive QTBIPOC. I have limited my bookings for this Moon’s service to 11. Once 11 bookings have been reached, books for this Moon will close.

Please do not let the word “prayer” deter you from my service especially if you are LGBTQ or consider yourself not spiritual- prayer can mean and look like many different things. Think of it as an intention waiting to be manifested- and I am here to support in the manifestation process.

This Month’s ritual and New Moon begins December 14 so you must book by December 13.

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This Altar Prayer service is a vigil space for three main prayers from one New/Full moon cycle to the next. Think of prayer as an intention, a seed being planted and waiting to be manifested. Goddexx will hold & tend to these prayers daily to make sure they grow fruitful. The altar will also be reset with offerings consistently being called both personally & collectively.

How can Altar Prayer & Ritual support you?

Spiritual Wellness is often neglected in the society we live in. We often can get SO consumed on the mundane of life or stressful situations we are enduring, that we forget there are spiritual elements and guides who can support us in ways we may not be able to foresee through our limited perspective. Prayer is especially powerful in that it supports our processes in transmuting our fear into faith. It empowers us to trust that solutions will arise as they need without force. This type of surrender, coupled with taking practical steps we are able to do- brings us the gifts & blessings we need in any given moment.

This altar prayer service uses the spiritual framework from my book to support in your process of:

  • Releasing fear and leaning into faith
  • Renewing and Magnetizing your vows to your needs/desires
  • Retreating back into yourself & your sacred wisdom
  • Rebirthing clarity on how to be more present so you may move forward in an embodied way

Prayer & Ritual Components

  1. Vigil space is ignited on Full and New Moons

    • A candle burned on your behalf and placed on my altar until next moon cycle
    • Daily prayers and burning of your candle
    • Offerings given as requested by the spirits
  2. 1 Hour Individual Session

    • Client will receive information around spiritual energies and messages currently being given collectively
    • Client will be guided to set 3 intentions they have for the altar prayer service
    • Client be guided through real-time prayer & meditation.
  3. Follow Up

    • A follow-up email for the collective after the vigil space has ended to report back on how the vigil went and general spiritual messages to the collective.
    • A follow-up email for each individual client
    • IG Live of spiritual lessons learned from Vigil which will live permanently on my feed.



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What do you mean by Prayer?

I believe that prayer can take many forms and does not need to be what we have been programmed to think from a young age. Just like gender, there is an abundance of ways we all can pray. Whether that be singing, dancing, poetry, cooking – all these can be a form of prayer. The way prayer will look in our session can and will take many forms.