QTBIPOC Sponsorship

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Hey there! I am La Espiritista and I am a QTBIPOC intuitive healer and performance artist. I am seeking white folks who are willing to sponsor a QTBIPOC (prioritizing QT black folks) for a healing service.

Spiritual maintenance is important now more than ever to feel centered, grounded, and whole. I want to be able to offer my services free of cost for those in the frontline, and those being directly impacted because of their lived experience.

Sponsorship Proceeds:

All sponsorship will have a portion sent directly into a black trans-led organization or a black trans person in need.

  • For those who sponsor a spiritual coaching package, I will put $100.
  • For those who sponsor a Reiki Package, I will put $75.

Note: The two above packages allow me to work with someone consistently – and consistency is key!

  • For those who sponsor a 1 hr service, I will put $25.
  • For those who sponsor a 30 min service, I will put $10.
  • For those who sponsor a 15 min service, I will put $7.

I will be collecting sponsorship until July 15th and will announce the amount of free services I can give around July 17th.

The breakdown:

  1. Send over payment to venmo @laespiritista, Cashapp $sydarrojo, or paypal soy.la.espiritista@gmail.com (make sure to put friends & family so an additional fee isn’t charged) with a note saying what service you are sponsoring and how many.
  2. I will announce how many and which services I am able to give for free to QTBIPOC, prioritizing QT Black folx around mid July and take folx until all sponsorship is filled.
  3. I will send the sponsor proceeds mentioned above to either TWOC Solidarity Network, Black Trans Travel Fund, Washington Black Trans Task Force, and/or Black Trans Individuals in need.
  4. I will schedule and offer my services for free with those who reach out.
  5. You can reach me at soy.la.espiritista@gmail.com or through my website at laespiritista.com/contact for any questions. Thank you!